Saturday, April 24, 2010

John Galliano - My Number 1

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my favourite designers and let me tell you, the first name that pops into my head is 
J O H N  G A L L I A N O, I have no idea why exactly, 
but I know that I feel so much respect for his work, for his outrageous fashion, amazing and spectacular fashion shows...
Interesting, historical, brave and inspiring - that what he is to me!!!

He has been quoted as identifying his love of theatre and femininity as central to his creations, he has also said '' MY ROLE IS TO SEDUCE'' and let me tell you he is good at seducing me, I believe, for sure, that I am NOT the only one!!! 

I will just post a paragraph that I've read somewhere and is exactly what I think about JG:

** This is not surprising because John Galliano is fashion’s great romantic. From his fantastical clothes, to his colourful background, Galliano’s charmed rise to fame reads not unlike a fairy tale. His genius is his ability to communicate this through his clothes. He also has immense ambition. Behind his gentle aesthetic, John Galliano is a powerhouse, a man whose ambition to go down in history as one of fashion’s great is awesome, even intimidating. His long-time creative collaborator Amanda Harlech once described disagreeing with him thus: "I did only once and I can only compare it to being hit by a massive surfing wave. His indifference was absolute." **

!!! LOVE IT !!! 
He pictures everything that I love and adore! 
And I thank him for that!

Ok that is what I wanted to tell you about my favourite designer, it's pointless that I write a long essay about him (though, he would completely deserve one!!!), because I'm sure that there's a lot of you, who know him very good!

It's picture time! :D

Among this pictures you will find some pictures of his boutique which I took when I was in Paris...


Aaaaah... Shoeholic I say!!! :D


A little bit of eye-candy does not hurt! :P

And voila GJ's boutique in Paris:

Enjoy it my cupcakes!

Peace, love, kisses!


Apology needed!

My dear readers, first of all I owe you a sincere apology for not writing you for such a long time, 
I had million things to do, 
like searching for a new job, getting from one interview to another, but I finally found new and amazing job, which I start on Wednesday and I'm soooo soooo excited! 
Plus I had a couple of school things, which are now pretty much done (one left) and then getting ready for exams in june (blaaaah)! 
But till then I have lots of time for you!!! 

So let me get to my second point, I would like to thank you all sooo sooo much for your amazing comments and to all my new followers!!! 
You surprised me so much, I could never imagine so many will like my blog, especially because I did only 2 and woooow, I'm amazed!!! 
And I appreciate it so much!!! 

So this is it for this post, in next little more fashion - be ready for some 
A W E S O M E 

A bientôt!