Saturday, April 24, 2010

Apology needed!

My dear readers, first of all I owe you a sincere apology for not writing you for such a long time, 
I had million things to do, 
like searching for a new job, getting from one interview to another, but I finally found new and amazing job, which I start on Wednesday and I'm soooo soooo excited! 
Plus I had a couple of school things, which are now pretty much done (one left) and then getting ready for exams in june (blaaaah)! 
But till then I have lots of time for you!!! 

So let me get to my second point, I would like to thank you all sooo sooo much for your amazing comments and to all my new followers!!! 
You surprised me so much, I could never imagine so many will like my blog, especially because I did only 2 and woooow, I'm amazed!!! 
And I appreciate it so much!!! 

So this is it for this post, in next little more fashion - be ready for some 
A W E S O M E 

A bientôt!

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