Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hello my name is S. and I'm a SHOEHOLIC! Like serious one!!!

Since I was a little girl I was always secretly trying my mothers shoes and I bet I'm not the only girl that was doing this, as we already know girls are obsessed with shoes, well at least a little bit, so this is definitely something you should not be ashamed!!!

Due to my ''problem'' my friends are always making fun of my shoeholism. For instance when I go shopping, they always say: So S. how many shoes did you bought today!? Will you need them? Don't you have kind of the same pair already!? And I'm like c'mooooon people you can never have enough of black or whatever - color shoes!!! Shoes make the outfit shine and sometimes shoes say a lot about you, how you feel at the moment and how self-conscious you are!!! But hey thats only my opinion, it's allowed to have a different one! 

Here you can see some of my favourite shoes, so you can have some clue what I like at the moment! Later I will post also my favourite shoes I bought couple of months ago in Nice, France and let me tell you I love them so much that I'm scared to wear them!!! Ha! How stupid is that!? No comment here, it's just the way I am! :P

Manolo Blahnik

John Galliano

Ruthie Davis



Pierre Hardy

My goddesses enjoy the weekend!


Friday, March 26, 2010

The beginning

So let me get started... Firstly I promise I will try to make this blog interesting, certainly not boring, so I will appreciate all of your comments, positive or negative, as I'm here for you as well! Ok, I won't talk about nonsense, so I will just start and write about what i'm really interested in and as I mentioned in About me section it will be mainly fashion, with maybe some art, literature and history facts... Also facts about some other fields are possible! :D Yeah I'm pretty curious person, with big hunger for more and more knowledge!

Ok, after some serious The Tudors - watching - experience (Jonathan Ryhs Meyers - simply meoooow, also other grrrr men - something for my eyes! Hehehe...) accompanied with some serious Historical - novels - reading - experience I rediscovered my passion for Middle age, Early modern and Modern historical periods. I don't know what exactly about those periods attracts me so much, but I love everything about it... Maybe because deep inside I'm a very, very romantic person, just maybe! :D I love the idea of living in a castle, epic love stories, amazing fashion (refering to men and women fashion), amazing history, a lot of influental people (Elizabeth I., Shakespear... - you know what I mean?), art, literature... Everything! Food for my soul I say!!! :D Good sometimes I wish I could return to that period, be a princess or something like that... Yeah I know dreaming! :D But hey, who thinks dreams are stupid, well let me tell you, you are wrong!!! It's allowed to dream!!!

So I went a little off topic, like usually, but don't worry I will get to my point! As I  mentioned before I really love, love, love the dresses ladies wore in those periods. The dresses are so glamorous, fashionable, sophisticated, gorgeous... With a statement for sure!!! Oooow how I wish I would live in those periods! :D I'm not complaining, this period fashion is amazing as well, but I guess medieval, renaissance etc. gowns just have some secret that attracts me in the way it does! Just look at this fabulousity! :D

My ladies and gentlemen (if there are some I'm deligthed :P) that would be my post for today, I hope you liked it and that I made a good first impression! 
Enjoy the rest of the day and get crazy, it's friday!


PS: If you have any suggestions and wishes, just tell me and I will try to do my best!