Friday, March 26, 2010

The beginning

So let me get started... Firstly I promise I will try to make this blog interesting, certainly not boring, so I will appreciate all of your comments, positive or negative, as I'm here for you as well! Ok, I won't talk about nonsense, so I will just start and write about what i'm really interested in and as I mentioned in About me section it will be mainly fashion, with maybe some art, literature and history facts... Also facts about some other fields are possible! :D Yeah I'm pretty curious person, with big hunger for more and more knowledge!

Ok, after some serious The Tudors - watching - experience (Jonathan Ryhs Meyers - simply meoooow, also other grrrr men - something for my eyes! Hehehe...) accompanied with some serious Historical - novels - reading - experience I rediscovered my passion for Middle age, Early modern and Modern historical periods. I don't know what exactly about those periods attracts me so much, but I love everything about it... Maybe because deep inside I'm a very, very romantic person, just maybe! :D I love the idea of living in a castle, epic love stories, amazing fashion (refering to men and women fashion), amazing history, a lot of influental people (Elizabeth I., Shakespear... - you know what I mean?), art, literature... Everything! Food for my soul I say!!! :D Good sometimes I wish I could return to that period, be a princess or something like that... Yeah I know dreaming! :D But hey, who thinks dreams are stupid, well let me tell you, you are wrong!!! It's allowed to dream!!!

So I went a little off topic, like usually, but don't worry I will get to my point! As I  mentioned before I really love, love, love the dresses ladies wore in those periods. The dresses are so glamorous, fashionable, sophisticated, gorgeous... With a statement for sure!!! Oooow how I wish I would live in those periods! :D I'm not complaining, this period fashion is amazing as well, but I guess medieval, renaissance etc. gowns just have some secret that attracts me in the way it does! Just look at this fabulousity! :D

My ladies and gentlemen (if there are some I'm deligthed :P) that would be my post for today, I hope you liked it and that I made a good first impression! 
Enjoy the rest of the day and get crazy, it's friday!


PS: If you have any suggestions and wishes, just tell me and I will try to do my best!



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    Hello Friend, I love love love your blog, it‘s very interesting!!! I really like your style!! i‘ll visit you many times for sure honey.


  3. Nice pics, I like The Tudors =)

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  4. Thank you girls, I'm glad you like it! XXX