Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hello my name is S. and I'm a SHOEHOLIC! Like serious one!!!

Since I was a little girl I was always secretly trying my mothers shoes and I bet I'm not the only girl that was doing this, as we already know girls are obsessed with shoes, well at least a little bit, so this is definitely something you should not be ashamed!!!

Due to my ''problem'' my friends are always making fun of my shoeholism. For instance when I go shopping, they always say: So S. how many shoes did you bought today!? Will you need them? Don't you have kind of the same pair already!? And I'm like c'mooooon people you can never have enough of black or whatever - color shoes!!! Shoes make the outfit shine and sometimes shoes say a lot about you, how you feel at the moment and how self-conscious you are!!! But hey thats only my opinion, it's allowed to have a different one! 

Here you can see some of my favourite shoes, so you can have some clue what I like at the moment! Later I will post also my favourite shoes I bought couple of months ago in Nice, France and let me tell you I love them so much that I'm scared to wear them!!! Ha! How stupid is that!? No comment here, it's just the way I am! :P

Manolo Blahnik

John Galliano

Ruthie Davis



Pierre Hardy

My goddesses enjoy the weekend!



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  2. I LOVE those shoes!! I know what you mean, when I buy a new pair that I love, I don't want to wear them out or ruin them. It's like they are too perfect, and I want to keep them that way forever
    I really like your blog so far!

  3. Thank you Kodaaaaa and Jessie!!! I'm glad you like it!

    And Jessie I'm happy that finally I've found someone that understands me! :D

  4. Haha me too!!! Now I really want to go shoe shopping! ;)

  5. nice blog HONEY! :D I LIKE IT!!!

    Follow my blog and I follow your blog:O)

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  6. Hello girls! Thank you soooo much for loving my blog!!! Have an amazing day! XXX, S.

  7. Hello there and welcome to our blogging. I'm a shoeholic too, stop by

  8. I love those heels! AMAZING!
    Lovely blog!

    xx fesi-fashion

  9. The heels are gorgeous!
    x M

  10. Who can blame you for being a shoeholic? We all suffer from the same addiction, probably it is the Cinderella syndrome, keep going! Kisses, Froso from Style Nirvana.

  11. i'm obsessed with shoes too! they r my fave things to shop for. the prada ones are fantastic! :)

  12. cute blog!good job! I’ll follow you!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)