Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fashion = Shallow

Hello my cupcakes!!! :)

So this week I came across with people observing me weirdly, not that I care or whatever, but I was just thinking - Does it really mean if you wear heels or I do not know maybe looking more fashionable then most of people that you are really shallow and that the only thing you care about is your appearance!?!? 
OK, I am not mad at people that think this way, but it is just a question why do they care so much what you wear, how do you look like etc. Yes I live in a really small small town where people ''know'' everything - if you know what I mean, but I am really NOT interested in them as long they act like that and pretend to be your friend! :) 
Well and let me tell you - I hope you do NOT get the wrong message about me, but it is just a random question and this question is popping in my head like almost every day, especially when I see people observing me in a strange way! :) 
So I would definitely like to hear your opinion on this and I hope this is not just my ''problem''!

And the other thing is that most of people think we - fashionistas - are really shallow! I don't get it!? Why? Sure we love shopping, but come on, I also care about science, social problems etc... I don't know if  it's only me that comes across with this kind of people or what, but it is not nice if you ask me what is my passion and I say fashion and then you say start acting weird... :)

Yes I will stop complaining! :) It is like I said - two questions on my mind on a daily basis! :)

Lovely readers have a wonderful weekend, enjoy it to the fullest and don't let it be like mine (studying and stuff)!!! :)

Hugs and kisses!

PS: Love this Louis Vuitton pic! :) Although Miss Lopez looks, hmmm let's just say not like herself! :P


  1. J.Lo looks gorgeous in that LV ad... But not really like herself, I know what you mean ;)

  2. hey!
    just wanted to let you know I changed the url of my blog!

  3. Hy sweetie! lovely post, maybe we can follow each other? Kisses